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We love what we do

We actively engage with Resident Welfare Associations (RWAs) to introduce our products and unique concept, setting up stalls in these communities periodically to raise awareness. These events provide an opportunity for curious consumers interested in transitioning to organic and healthy foods to explore our offerings firsthand, fostering engagement through tactile experiences and open dialogue. Additionally, we maintain a database of potential customers, regularly updating them on product details, offers, and new arrivals, and remain accessible via phone to address any inquiries.

Our working process

EarthynGreen (EnG) is a marketplace initiative to promote safe, healthy, and organic food produced and manufactured by Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs). EnG is committed to keep the identity of brands promoted by FPOs by making them available to consumers. EnG partner with FPOs, helping them building their capability in making market ready products to cater consumers in urban areas. EnG help them in promoting their brands through online as well as offline campaigns to widen their consumer reach.


The Challenge: Ecociate is a knowledge organization with expertise in business innovation for sustainable agriculture development and food systems transformation.

During our work with farmer producer organizations (FPOs) and development sector organizations promoting agroecology based practices, we realized that value added food market, so far a lesser chartered territory in the FPO space, offers a high-earning opportunity for FPOs. However, on their own FPOs find it difficult to connect with and fulfil varied preferences and choices of the consumers. In addition, FPOs have a limited range of food products to offer. At the same time, through our interactions with resident welfare associations (RWAs) we learnt that there is a demand for authentic, healthy and safe food and consumers like to pick-and-choose from a diverse food basket. There was a need to bridge this gap.

The Earthy n Green Solution

In response to these challenges, Ecociate introduced Earthy n Green (EG), an innovative e-marketplace platform. This platform serves as a bridge between FPOs and urban consumers. EG ensures that each FPO's uniqueness is maintained by sourcing the right products from the right organizations. For instance, Karnataka FPOs offer oils, spices, and millet, while those from Uttarakhand provide wheat flour, jaggery products, pulses, and FPOs from Ladakh apricots. This diversity enables consumers to enjoy a wide range of unique and quality products linked with their origin and specific geographies.

Our Mission: Earthy n Green was founded with the following key objectives:

Boost Farmer Incomes: We aim to increase the earnings of farmers. By empowering Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs) with the tools and knowledge they need, we help them tap into the market for value-added foods, such as ready-to-eat and ready-to-cook items, that are both safe and healthy.

Encourage Sustainable Farming: We are committed to promoting sustainable agricultural development. This is done by advocating and implementing agroecological principles, ensuring farming practices are environmentally friendly and sustainable in the long term.”

Support Local Food Systems: Our goal is to reduce the distance food travels – known as ‘food miles’ – and improve nutrition security. We achieve this by fostering connections between Resident Welfare Associations (RWAs) and groups of FPOs located within 100 to 200 kilometres. This encourages the consumption of local and regional foods.

The Pilot from Noida:

Through our pilot in Noida, a city in the national capital region (NCR), we onboarded 11 FPOs supplying 100+ certified SKUs and 50 RWAs (800 plus consumer households) through in-person visits and one-to-one consultations. During this pilot, we worked assiduously to build close personal relationships with FPOs and consumers to understand their needs, plans and preferences. We also conducted due diligence of the reputation and credibility of the implementing agency and their quality control systems to assure ourselves regarding the authenticity of the certificate and safety of the food products being sold on Earthy n Green.   In an effort to promote regional values, we scouted for products endowed with special qualities due to their geographical origin, such as Ladakh’s ‘Raktsey karpo’ – the sweetest apricot variety in the world. In order to make organic affordable, we sold products in high demand, such as organic wholewheat flour, at non organic price.

Our Partner Farmer Enterprises